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"Why should you choose to work with Julia? Because Julia will show up for you. She'll listen to your needs and concerns before formulating a plan that is both effective and empowering. Julia has the clinical experience combined with the heart of a teacher. She’s going to help guide you down YOUR path, not hers. Julia’s talent is hard to find and one of many things that separates her from the rest."

Jim Shapter, RD, LDN | Owner of One Bite at a Time Nutrition

"Julia was fabulous to work with - she helped me discover a lot of the motivations behind various food habits I have and gave me helpful paths to break some of the more negative ones. I felt empowered and really enjoyed talking with her! It felt like I was talking with a knowledgeable friend - I didn't feel judged when I asked questions or slipped up on my progress. I've set strong goals that keep me focused on my end goal and have learned more about foods that I should be eating in tandem with harder workouts. If I could share one thing to other people about working with Julia it'd be that it's easier than it sounds - there's always this feeling that working with a dietitian is going to be so expensive and time consuming, but Julia gave me very practical advice that was easy to implement."

Elizabeth | Client

"Julia’s dedication to her clients is truly inspiring. You’ll love her individualized approach to your health and wellbeing. Her outlook on life and overall warmth and approachability make her the go-to dietitian and health coach."

Lendy Black RD, CDN, IBCLC | Senior Clinical Dietitian

"Julia has an amazing ability to empower and make me feel like I can be my own health superhero. She never once doubted or was negative about anything I did or did not get accomplished in our goals per week. She made me feel like my health journey was special to her too. Julia is incredibly understanding and makes every goal feel like I accomplish it, even when I’m doubtful. Working with Julia has helped me realize my own potential in finding how to eat/fuel my body as I should! I am most proud of creating a food schedule, trusting myself to make the right food choices, and increase in my confidence."

TGB | Client

"Julia was instrumental in my success as an intern at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. As a preceptor she went above and beyond to show me the ropes in the peds department. She is an extremely competent practitioner and teacher. Coincidentally, we both ended up working for the same hospital system in NYC, and while we didn't work directly together she continued to mentor me through my first position as a clinical dietitian."

Nicholas Rush, RD, CDN | Owner of Halcyon Health

"Since working with Julia, my sleep, energy, and heart health have all improved. My jeans fit better, but that’s just a side effect to the other goodness. It has improved my relationship with food and alcohol significantly and made me feel better about my choices. During our time together, I valued our check-ins. Julia cares, and the app and her quick email responses make her easily accessible."

Maggie | Client

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